MALDITO Video Poetry Festival launch this contest with the purpose to show two disciplines that, either individually or collectively, are much more isolated and forgotten as we would like. According to our experience, these disciplines are considered marginal and minor in the extent of the great European capitals, moreover in the humble towns within regional borders where its dissemination is nonexistent.

MALDITO Crew, as lovers of poetry, image and the expressive possibilities of its symbiosis, picks up the baton and propose to continue the line of action; willing to arouse interest in the Festival, reaching out to the general public and making this event great since the very beginning.

Not only MALDITO aims to be influent and popular amongst mass and social media but also want to be a reference and, what a better framework to be known rather than ABYCINE, one of the best independent film festival in Spain.

MALDITO seeks to vindicate video poetry as an art that connects people, transmits feelings and stimulates different ways to see the world. It is also a tiny contribution of enormous people to empower visual art, stopping it from being marginal and damned*

* The Spanish word for damned is MALDITO.


Amongst all the video poems received, twenty of them will be selected and screened in a specific session at ABYCINE International Film Festival of Albacete. They also might be screen in other national and international festivals. The selected ones will be published in MALDITOand ABYCINE websites. A designed jury will choose the three best works which will be rewarded with the following prizes:

1st prize: 200 € and a statuette

2nd prize: 100 € and a statuette

3rd prize: 50€ and a statuette

Audience Prize Award: 100 € and a statuette

The intellectual property rights over the works are held by their respective authors, though they shall authorize the Organization of MALDITO to screen their works by the name of “MALDITO FESTIVAL” in different festivals including this one.


· Maximumlength: 5 minutes

· Aesthetic and visual handling and treatment of the works is free, being mandatory that words, in the form of poetry are of importance for the relevance of the work. It is not only sought to attract using images but as well through the synergetic symbiosis of the images and words, may it these be written, read or recited. Works that do not contain a poem will not be taken into consideration for the contest.

· Videopoems shall be presented in digital format H264.

· Videopoems in languages other than Spanish shall have Spanish Subtitles incorporated. The organization of MALDITO Festival will not be held responsible for possible submitted works with wrong translations or where the translations do not match the original audio.

· By submission of the work, the author acknowledges and guarantees that all rights for image, music, and text are owned by himself and allows to screen the work within the frame of the Festival.


Videopoems should be made available to the organization of the Festival by means of a non-expiring link for usual cloud video platforms such as VimeoGoogle Drive or Wetransfer to the email malditofestivaldevideopoesia@gmail.com. Also works can be submitted through the Festhome. The registration period is from April 26, 2019 to September 8, 2019.

Please add “Malditofestival 2019” in the subject of the email and include, in the body, the full name of the authors, their contact data and attach the videopoem link.

The selected works will be screened on a date still to be confirmed within the frame of the Albacete International Film Festival ABYCINCE, where all winners will be announced except for Audience Prize Award that will be known in a different event occurring after MALDITO Festival, once votes would have been counted.


Both, the selected works as well as those that haven’t been elected, will receive an emailindicating one or another condition.



Sending a work to the contest supposes the full acceptance of these bases.

Any doubts about this will be resolved by the organization, whose decision is final.

For any doubt contact: malditofestivaldevideopoesia@gmail.com